How to care for your BV bag?

  1. Anyone have tips on how to best care for your bag in particular the leather? I got the black intreccio woven bag, and it had a wrinkle in the leather by the corner. Should I stuff the bag with paper to prevent more wrinkles and does the leather need any type of particular care? Thanks in advance!

    Here is a pic of my bag(but in white):

  2. I've always sprayed mine lightly with a protectant, that's it. I'm not sure what you mean by a wrinkle but they can have "puckers" in the weave. I find that everything evens out, loosens and blends with time and use.
  3. I spray mine with a protectant spray, too and I stuff all my bags with old T's tp prevent their shape.
  4. Within a square(1cmX1cm) along the corner of the bag it's wrinkled so it's a pretty small area. I hope with use it will eventually go away. I'll try to take pics when I get the chance. Is there any particular spray you all use?
  5. The wrinkling actually comes WITH use, because the weight of things carried in the bag stetches the leather, and the leather moves to accommodate the shape of things in the bag, and also the way you carry it. IMO, it's very natural, but to prevent the leather from becoming too dry, I would recommend moisturizing it with leather moisturizers. I have used the Coach one, and recently bought two kinds from LMB (the regular and the ultimate), but have not used them yet.
  6. I use the Apple Guard rain/stain protectant and have been pleased with it. I carried my BV today and accidently brushed up against my dirty car with it. The dust just wiped off with a kleenex. It maybe would have with or without the spray treatment but it gives me peace of mind.
    I worry more about the suede interior and have been fanatical about my pens and that kind of thing. Do most of you use liners or other smaller bags inside your BV?
  7. I'm SO NERVOUS about spraying my BV bag. Anyone else? (yikes!)
  8. Apple garde has done wonders for my bags. I sprayed all my BV with it and have tested it by literally pouring water on in it! i know its insane but it works so well that water just slides right off! it repels stains to, you can just wipe it off. I consider apple garde my bags' guardian angel:angel: :angel:
  9. Eugin, I use Cadillac spray.
  10. I just sprayed my bag with Apple Garde--was nervous about it, but at the end it looked fine. Now I have more peace of mind knowing that it's protected.
  11. I carry all pens, anything that could smudge and sharp objects in a small pouch inside my bags. Right now it's a Hayden Harnett Carryall.
  12. Thanks, where do you buy the spray and how often do you do it?