How to care for snake/python?

  1. I just purchased my very first Zagliani bag, a large python puffy satchel. How durable is the bag and does anyone have suggestions about caring for\maintaining it? Is it okay to be caught in the rain, etc? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. I wrote these rules out for tPFer who PMed me I'm sure she wouldn't mind me giving you exactly the same advice (I just haven't the 'oomph' today to write it out again in a different way)

    I don't know if Z bags are any different because they are injected with botox but anyway this is my info to you and anyone else who needs:

    If Hermes togo leather is a 10 then I would say on a scale of 1-10 python is only 4. I can't pretend to you it's not delicate because it IME it is.

    Papertiger's rules for python

    1. No extreme temperatures when wearing esp dry heat or very wet

    2. Don't spay anything chemical on it (including protect sprays - they can dry out the skins)

    3. No perfume wearing or hairspay (that's for jackets vests esp). Don't use normal glue to stick scales back/down

    4. Store in mod temperatures (not too dry and not cold or warm damp)

    5. Never in plastic or man made fibre bags (breeds damp). I wrap them in pure cotton pillow cases and not their dust bags and take them out to check now and then

    6 When wearing don't wear rough fabrics near as it rubs the scales and may even break them. Never rub against the scales of course

    7. Try to buy bags that are lined in suede so it makes them last longer.

    8. Only buy good brands (I have Chanel, Prada, Dior etc) because they offer a reconditioning service.

    9. Not an everyday material only for special occasional wear

    10. Keep out of sunlight

    I hope I havn't put you off :nuts:
  3. Thank you!
  4. I have a snake print clutch that I love but I noticed some of the "scales" have curled up a little. How do I avoid this? I'm nervous to take the bag out now b/c I don't want the scales to come off and mess the bag up.

    Anything I can do? Is it a dryness problem? Should I moisturize it? This seems a bit harsh to do to an expensive clutch but is there some kind of gloss or something I could paint over it to seal in the scales..?
  5. Yes, snake skin can be moisturized to help prevent/fix scale curling. Make sure you spot test first, and use a conditioner that is recommended for exotics.

    Also, I've never done it myself, but I have heard that putting the bag in the fridge overnight will help the scales return to normal. Anyone tried this?
  6. Snake PRINT and snake SKIN are two very different things. If you bag is snake PRINT, then you have leather from a cow or sheep but its been passed through a heavy press with a snake skin pattern over it. This is the same with all exotic PRINT leather.

    With prints you can usually treat them with the same products that you would use on regular unfinished/finished leather. Real animal skin is different and requires more oil based products that actually moisturise.

    With your problem i would say you could have the damage repaired a a handbag spa and then use a specific handbag intense hydrator.
  7. see my other post "Snake Print bags"
  8. Can you recommend a hydrator? Thanks
  9. maybe start with an all in one, you may find that better. I would suggest either ADV Leather in SF or THBS Everyday protect. LTT also have a good product called lazy leather
  10. what about some mucilage glue?
  11. never heard of it
  12. What if you have a leather bag with watersnake trim? I have a Jimmy Choo Ring Bag (distressed biker leather) with watersnake trim. The "drawstrings" are watersnake on front (which is looking pretty rough/worn) and regular leather on the back.
  13. I dont recommend getting ANY leather wet unless you know what your doing with appropriate leather cleaners. home rememdies and detergents are NOT designed for leather! if you talking about a €1000+ bag then i would use only the correct chemicals or a professional. A pro clean will cost you max €60 in europe, so why risk it?
  14. Is it real snake skin or snake print?... If you can upload a photo i can give you the best advice on how to treat it.

    I have a real python skin watch strap and its a nightmare to care for. Real skin will shrink, the scales will withdraw and lift, colour will fade, etc! i paid €400 for this strap to be made to measure and whilst its beautiful its a pain in the a55 to care for, as it needs weekly care.