how to care for Prada leather?

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  1. I purchased a tan/mustard colored Prada handbag a couple of years ago (the one with a heavy chain handle and two fringes hanging from it...don't know the style). Anyway, I've used it extensively and the color has began to fade at the edges (color has began to fade). Also, the bag edges are sealed with a darker (sort of terracotta color) more glossty paint. Not sure I'm describing this right, but it's the finish to protect the ends of the leather from wear and to make the bag look more polished. Now those are worn out a bit too in areas. Not badly, or showing but I know it. I was wondering if there is a way to care for such things don't know if Prada has a policy where they can repair your bag if you take it to them...then again there is no Prada store in Greece. I love this bag and wish it would last me longer without looking worn out. Two years is not good enough time for an expensive bag like this to wear out.


  2. That's what worries me most about chunking SO much money into any handbag!

    Have you called the Prada store nearest you, since you don't have one you can actually go to? They may have some advice over the phone.
  3. Just my opinion but I think you need to take this bag to a professional. I agree with Prada Psycho, call the nearest Prada store for info on where to go.
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