How to care for nubuck material?

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Recently bought a pair of UGG carnagie, which is made of nubuck material. It's my first UGG, and UGG live chat confirmed their care kit is designed for their suede not nubuck or leather. I need to get some water/rain repellent and cleaning kit. Any suggestions?


Nov 8, 2006
I got some at Target for one of my bags. Its a suede cleaner and another bottle of protectant. Its in the shoe section end cap.


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Jun 20, 2012
As some protectant, spray it on, reapply periodically (once a year or a few times a year if worn in the rain or they have been exposed to water), use cleaner IF needed and try not to brush it too much or too hard when you apply protectant or cleaner as it can cause the nubuck to fuzz or get matted. I like to use a soft cloth in place of a brush--although brushes are good for certain things like smudges or stains.