How to care for new LV purse


Jan 1, 2007
I Just purchased a new LV bag .....:yahoo: My first LV only had leather straps this new one is the lockit....It has alot of leather on it. My question is how do I keep the leather (lockit has lts of leather and it's raw) how doI keep it looking good? I'm worried about the bottom of the bag.
just carry it XD

im not anal about my bags, but i dont set them down in very dirty places or on the floor, and i make sure my hands arent dirty when i hold my handheld bags either :smile:

have fun with your lockit, im sure youll love it!
OK I just discovered this weekend a cure for white marks on your LV's (from brushing up against walls) - Use some rubbing alcohol! Super easy and they come of in a snap! Just be sure not to put it on the leather.