How to care for my Epi?

  1. I'm so excited - I just got my first Epi piece today (a beautiful, pre-loved brown Epi Petit Noe), and just wondered how to care for it - my other LV's are mono canvas and I treat the vachetta with Apple products. Do I need to treat the epi leather with anything special, and when I need to clean it, do baby wipes work well? Thanks for the info - I want her to last a long time! :smile:
  2. I dont know about treating it but congrats on your new bag ! post pics...I would love to see it :flowers:
  3. i think there are a lot of threads on caring for your epi, try the search function to look for them. but to answer your question, i use baby wipes or a damp cloth. i sometimes use a leather moisturizer to make it shinier and leather protectant as well. it's probably the easiest line to maintain out of the LV lineup.