How to care for my blue antigona??

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  1. Hi guys! I recently got a blue antigona as gift! Not sure what I should use to care for it! I took it out once when it was raining and there are a few rain spots that have stained the blue. Not super noticeable but still annoying.

    Does anyone know how to care for this bag for future and if it is possible to get the rain splotches out? Thanks in advance!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395665909.794495.jpg
  2. I know that Colonil's Waterstop has been a great product for many bag owners.

    I think its effectiveness depends on the leather. I actually did a test with my Pandora but the leather is so "unfinished" that the spray didn't seem to have any effect. However, I have tested the spray on at YSL Chyc and it made the water bead. I have also sprayed some of my Balenciagas with it. A Mulberry owner treated her bag and she ran water from a faucet over her bag! The leather was fine. Like the Antigona, these bags have a certain amount of finish/glazing on the leather surface. My pandora is pepe and lacks that solid finish of these other bags. I think that makes the difference.

    Of the stuff I have tried Colonil Waterstop really seems to have the most water repellancy and didn't affect the color or texture of any of my bags.

    If you decide to try, do a test on the bottom panel and flick some water and see how it does. Also, allow a good 48 hrs to dry thoroughly. Whenever I spray my bags, I double the suggested dry time b/c you just want to make sure it is all dry.

  3. Thank you!!! Do you know of anything that will help the existing rain spots?? T
  4. +10

    Colonil Waterstop is a lifesaver! As for the existing rain spots, I'm not sure that you can do much about them, but in my experience they can fade with time.
  5. Collonil also makes a leather gel that the Mulberry owners swear by. I haven't personally tried it, but it might help condition the leather and take away the spots. I think you are supposed to use it before the spray. Congratulations on your beautiful Antigona!
  6. Thanks everyone! Do you guys use the spray or cream?
  7. I also recommend Collonil - and I use both the cream and the spray on most of my bags (including my small Antigona). The cream is strictly for smooth leathers, but I just use it a little more sparingly and work it in gently and it is fine for a pebbled leather too. Just apply a very thin layer and buff it in - it does wonders for keeping the leather supple (I've been using it on Mulberry bags for ages and it keeps them in great condition). It can help remove stains and colour transfer too. I then leave it to thoroughly dry, then use a liberal amount of the spray for waterproofing. I've had no problems so far!
  8. Thanks so much!! This is really stupid but how do you "buff" it? Never taken proper care of my bags before!
  9. Most ppl use a cosmetic sponge or a microfiber towel.
    Also look in the reference section. I wrote about Collonil and Applecare Leather cleaner on my pandora. Got color transfer off my panda instantly!