how to care for LV vernis bag-Brentwood or Houston

  1. A friend of my wants to purchase the LV vernis- still have not decide Brent wood or the Houston. I like the Brentwood myself.

    How to care for it? Is it hard to take care of this lether.
    Please let me know what you guys think.
    She want buy from

    Thanks a bunch!!!!:hysteric:
  2. Some basic things:
    Keep your bag out of direct heat and sunlight for long periods of time
    Keep it away from makeup/oils that might stain the leather
    Don't rest your LV Vernis on magazines/newspapers or anything else that might 'transfer' onto the vernis
    Avoid temp extremes (cold, heat)
    Other than that, I think the vernis is pretty easy to take care of. Darker colors tend to be easier to take care of. Hope this helps you out.

    Other Vernis owners, maybe you can add something?? Thanks!
  3. ^^ I totally agree.

    The vernis is especialy prone to "tranfer"- as in liquids and smudgy objects can stain the leather.
  4. Yup, ITA with Sonic! I've done all of those things and my Vernis bags are virtually flawless still.
  5. thanks for your tips...
    do you use your Vernis as an everyday bag?
  6. Also be carful no to rest vernis on new unwashed jeans as it will stain.
  7. I did use my vernis bags as everyday bags when I first got them but now I switch around a lot so they all get equal use :yes: