How to care for Gucci Marmont bag?

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  1. Hi guys! im very new to the luxury handbag world (and purse forum lol)
    I recently purchased my first bag, a gucci marmont camera bag in black

    but im wondering if i could get some advice on how to care for it..... so far ive purchased a cleaning and conditoner set and rain protectant spray from the apple lotion brand but im not really sure what to do with any of it it or how often to use them all on this bag and i dont want to make any mistakes! ... if any of you own this bag or have advice for what you would do with it would be really helpful .
    thankyou! :heart:
  2. I put Cadillac leather lotion on mine, nothing else. I would not ever want my bag to get saturated in the rain. I am careful with all my bags as I want them to stay perfect for a very long time. I am unfamiliar with the products you have mentioned, they may be perfectly acceptable,did you ask your SA?
  3. The apple products are things i found out about through purse forum... i purchased my bag online but maybe calling gucci would be a good idea! was the cadillac lotion reccomended by your SA?