how to care for glace calf - and other such pradas (antik range)

  1. hi ladies and (a few) gents

    now that i bought the bag, i wonder how should i maintain it. i was told by SA that we should not put any products on the glace calf range as the darker part of the bag will come off with the product.

    i did ask in this forum awhile back about the antik effect on the antik cervos and the conclusion was that they were spray painted on. as such a bit fragile. i think the dual tone effect on the glace calf range is about the same in terms of how fragile they can be.

    i am a bit conflicted, as on the one had SA said not to put any products on glace calf because the leather is untreated or something (i can't remember what she said as i don't have much clue about leather treatments), on the other, she mentioned many things (e.g. don't expose it to rain) which suggested to me that the bag needs some (or a lot!) of protection. i don't want to carry this bag in a state of perpetual nervous wreck!

    any idea? thanks!!!
  2. I wonder if you can use Appleguarde spray, like on bbags (for water and stain protection)?
  3. I was so disappointed in the poor durability of the treatment on the antik cervo hobo I had that I sold it (and the buyer sold it for the same reason) that I've sworn off any of these funky new leather treatments that Prada is doing. I ordered the gradient zippered tote that was so new it came to me still in the Prada box. It hadn't been touched but there still were the beginnings of "boo-boos" on it.

    Don't get me wrong, they ARE beautiful, but I have no patience when it comes to having to baby my bags.
  4. oh nooooo!! PP, where do you think can we find out more about how to care for them? i don't want to baby my bag either, seriously, i found myself covering my prada during one rainy day and let myself get wet, i thought, good grief!! no! never again. i have emailed barbara from lovinmybags but have not heard back from her. she seems very experienced with balenciagas. so i asked if she is also experienced with pradas. i don't think so but who knows, with enough inquiries she might develop something for prada they was she did for the sometimes temperamental (but oh so beautiful) balenciaga leathers.

    PP, can you share a bit more this beginning of "boo-boos"? pic maybe?

    my antik cervo wallet was battered around more than my antik cervo bags (since it was bumped around with other stuff in bags) and the sprayed on black shadings came off here and there. i am happy to report that my antik cervo bags are still doing well. then again, i perhaps do not use them often enough. my antik cervo hobo is potentially going to be scuffed because part of it rubbed against my hip as i walk.

    someone mentioned putting shoe polish on and fix those scuffing signs. was that you PP? i should dig up that thread that went around for awhile about this.
  5. the SA did pause when i inquire about spraying. i think it is the rubbing that is dangerous to this range.

    even on b-bags, as i moisturized it, i got a bit carried away and rubbed a bit, the ink colour did transfer onto the sponge i was using.

    she also said something about how the leather is non treated or something to that effect. i wish i know better what she was saying, i may call her again for some clarification and do a bit of research as well as ask barbara from lovinmybags who seems to be rather creative with her product developments.

  6. Hi Barbara

    Would like to seek your advise regarding the care of a
    couple of Prada bags which I owned.


    I recently bought a Prada bag from the F/W 2007
    season. It is known as the degrade/gradient/glace
    range. It graduated in colour from dark to light and
    made of calf leather. I was told by prada not to put
    any product on it, and yet was told that the leather
    can be fragile against rubbing and rain.


    The reason the Companies do not want anything put on the leather is because there is nothing out there that is safe – and they certainly do not want the liability. We restore leather so we know what is needed and what works and what is safe – WE KNOW LEATHER J
    The Pro-Treatment was made for Designer leather (leathers designers choose from the leather sellers..)
    The product does not darken naked leathers although you have to test the products to make sure there are no dyes playing little tricks. This Pro-Treatment will protect your leather form OIL and WATER stains...and it will trap dirt so that the dirt doesn’t get absorbed into the leather. It can help protect from chaffing as well if used regularly on the corners...but of course wear is not altogether impossible to eliminate.


    Similar two tone Prada bags from F/W 2006 are the
    antik cervo line. I have one. The bag is made to look
    old by spray painting dark shades throughout the bag.
    The problem is, this darker part rubbed off revealing
    some very light coloured marks.


    The Feel Soft or Ultimate moisturizers may enhance the dark color – it may bring the inks back up to the surface.


    Below are some products I bought from you. I know that
    you had developed some knowledge on Balenciaga
    motorcyle bags.

    I wonder, could you give your opinion on whether the
    products I bought from you can be safe for the Pradas
    I mentioned above?


    All of our products are perfect for the most delicate handbag leather – the products you have a fine – I would definitely add the Pro-Treatment – it is the very best for protecting your Prada.I can replace the Ultimate with Pro-Treatment for you – since you are ordering the Feel Soft . It’s up to you – let me know

  7. i wonder if anyone here who have some experience with applegarde on prada might want to chime in? there seem to be a lot of discussions on what works and what does not on the b-bag leathers but not so much here, and i am wondering how most of us care for our pradas. since i think the pradas have been so stunning lately that all of us would want to know how to keep them as nice as new as long as possible for the kind of prices we have been paying for them...
  8. as far as bbags are concerned, one's supposed to condition the bag first with the Apple Leather Care before using the AG spray. i've read a random thread in the LV forum that some use the AG spray on their LV bags with no problems. it sounds like a lot of work, actually. the spray takes a long time to dry and many reported initial panic from darkening of the original colour and of blotchiness. but they're supposed to go away.
  9. the thing about lovinmybags stuff is that they have a very strong sweet smell to them. how about applegarde? i also heard that the apple products has more chemicals in them, and LMB stuff are more natural?

    anyone else here has used any of them on their pradas or miumius?
  10. glossie, the care is some kind of conditioner? and the spray is anti-stain or waterproofing? as for LV, their bags are made of non-leather right? for the most part of it anyway. i am wondering what other brands our prada is closest to in terms of leather. so that we can extrapolate what is best to care for our pradas.

    it is intriguing for me to see that we do not have that much discussions here about caring for prada. is it because they are so durable? because most of us here just buy a new one once the old one wear out? or because their designs are so cutting edge that most of us do not carry them for more than a season?

    i know that i although i like quirky designs, the ones i picked - hopefully - are at the same time what i consider to be classic prada. so i carry them for more than a season definitely. i really need to know how to care for them....! and they are too expensive to be experimented on.... it is somewhat disappointing that prada are not quite up there with after sales services and care. for the prices they charge, we should not be left on our own to sort this out. don't you think?

  11. i think it's safe to assume that they don't want the liability of damaged leather (as pointed out by Barbara of LVB). or maybe they believe the saying don't fix it if it aint broken?:shrugs:

    the AG spray is supposed to emit strong fumes! so i don't think it's anywhere near 'natural'. the Apple Leather Care has multiple functions:

    AG spray

    but seriously, are Prada bags durable? for what leathers? i haven't owned any yet to comment.
  12. hi!! has anybody got any LMB products to recommend for protecting prada/miu miu calf leather?
  13. Gosh, I'm soooo happy I didn't buy that prada sfumata/degrade in the sale! I loved it ever since I saw it on the vogue site, but it's not worth it if the colours rub off. Good luck to all of you who own one!
  14. Hi there ladies,

    I have the
    Prada Nude/slate Glace Ombre Calfskin bowler and was definitely concerned about the bags ability to handle the elements. I did, however, have an unfortunate experience with a huge rainstorm shortly after I purchased it. I did my best to cover the bag, but the wind was blowing rain sideways and it definitely got lots of droplet marks on it (water hit it and the leather in that place darkened). While the panic of it may have taken minutes off my life, they did dry and the bag is no worse for wear. It has happened a few times since and I am happy to report that it is not a splotchy mess. So while I definitely agree that the darker part on the bottom is fragile (I sadly have a few tiny dings in that -- dumb TSA security man -- horrible horrible -- story for another day -- needless to say he couldn't fathom a handbag that expensive and WAS NOT CAREFUL WITH IT -- bad bad bad) I don't think that waterproofing is ABSOLUTELY necessary provided you don't get it really wet... at least that has been my experience to this point.