How to care for dark silver lambskin reissue?

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  1. Should I spray it with anything to protect it? Or use special cleanser? I want to make it last as long as possible... I'm willing to do anything to baby it if it works, I just don't know what to do!

    Also, any tips on what NOT to do (that might not be super obvious)?
  2. I sound like a product sales person, I'm not. I use lovinmybag products. If you have a special concern, you can call them or email. Google and you will see a toll free number to call. They're located in NY state.
  3. ^^ thanks for the suggestion. Does anyone else have anymore input on what to use on metallic lambskin? I've done a search but most of the posts seem to be about regular lambskin.
  4. I wouldn't put anything on it since the metallic color won't be that happy to have treatment on it, just my guess cos I can't imagine the treatment to be absorbed by the layer of real leather under the color. even if it might affect the metallic color... better ask in a chanel shop. well something treatment unrelated that can happen is the color rubbing off, it is happening on my navy metallic. so wearing it in a way that it rubs against your clothes all the while time you're walking will make it come off and chanel can't redye it metallic for you