How to care for box riding boots?


Mar 16, 2008
Dear all,

I recently got a pair of chocolate Kelly riding boots in Veau Box. Any tips on how I should care for them?

My SA told me they didn't have the right sort of cream available for sale, and that I should just send the boots in for reconditioning when necessary. She did say that the type of box leather used for boots is tougher than that used for bags, but since box doesn't take kindly to getting wet, what sort of cream or polish should I use to protect them before their maiden outing?

I'd be grateful for advice from all you H aficianados. Thanks! :smile:


Sep 7, 2006
Congratulations -- I think I have the same boots as you. Love them a lot!
I didn't do anything before wearing them. My SA told me to get them reconditioned later. The leather is indeed tough. My boots have gotten slightly worn in since I got them in October and they still look great. I don't wear them if the forecast is for any chance of rain.
By the way I saw a woman wearing the same boots from a year ago and asked her about them. Hers were in much lighter color (kind of tan) and I could see some color patches. She said she wore them everyday and should have sent them for reconditioning but just hadn't done so. They still looked nice in a kind of cool, broken in way.
My SA didn't seem to want me to put anything on the boots myself.


Feb 29, 2008
I don't have any Hermes boots but I am an avid equestrian who has custom field boots made by another vendor.

I would recommend using "Vogel's" leather conditioner to condition your boots. It is about $10 a bottle and can be bought at most tack shops. You can buy it on line through or You might also want to try "Leather Therapy" as another option. They make a very good cleaner and a conditioner. You may not need to clean your boots as a rider might but the conditioning part will likely work for you.


Vache Vixen
Jun 28, 2007
AB Ranch Montana USA
Howdy, I use Obenauf's LP heavy duty it will not only condition your boots , make safe from the acids of horse manure and urine and not rot stitching but it will make them weather proof as well. You can find this product online by Googling the product name. Congrads on you new boots!