How to care for a Quilted Bay?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    looking forward to my new Quilted Bay in black I'm wondering how to care for it :confused1: Do I've to waterproof it, for example?

    Any ideas?

    Hugs, *yve*
  2. No ideas for the Bay, but congratulations, so you managed quite quickly to get a Chloé bag! I was wondering, since I didn't hear from you an the ATC thread anymore... That's fantastic! :yahoo:Enjoy! (And post pics!):yes:
  3. Hi brigitte,

    thank you so much :cutesy:

    I snaped at the chance of the sacoche sale - as they've got absolutely amazing prizes! And shipping is incredible fast: Only two days from Bahrain to Germany (without having to pay customs!) :wtf: Furthermore Irene is such a nice lady!

    Now I'm impatiently waiting for the Bay to arrive - TNT said, that it would come in this very day :wlae:

    I'll post pics as soon as I've organized a camara!
  4. How did you manage to get the bag without paying customs? Normally I would believe you'll have to, unless you're lucky![​IMG]
  5. :yahoo:
    Yve, which Bay did you get ?I'm anxiously awaiting a Black Large Quilted Patent version from Sacoche:yahoo:. Like you, I'm aso wondering how to care for these bags (Chloe mention waterproofing on the care cards but don't say which product to use). Do post pics of your bag when it arrives!:smile: