How to buy undereye concealer for AA skin?

  1. hi,
    what are the do's & dont's on purchasing undereye concealer for African American skin?
  2. It should be a shade lighter than your makeup (the point is to brighten the undereye area)

    Creamy (not too wet and not too dry), stay away from the cakey ones

    Before you apply (be sure to put a really good eye cream on under the eye, notice I said eye cream and not moisterizer, there is a difference)

    I personally prefer the ones in the tube that look like lipstick ( I feel it gives me more control), but they also have the ones you can paint on like a lipgloss.

    I would recommend for variety of colors for AA: Bobbi Brown definitely, MAC, Smashbox, Black Opal (I love this line and it's cheap at like a drugstore)

    This is all I can think of right now. Hope this helps.

    Sorry just realized you didn't ask how to apply.

    To Apply:

    Eye cream 1st (little bit), let dry,
    You can use your fingers (pinkie, or ring cause it will apply the LEAST pressure to the eye area), or a concealer brush,
    Put the concealer on lightly (you can always add more if necessary), from crease to inner corner of the eay.
    Blend makeup up to the concealer
    You can set with a little powder.
  3. Hey I looked at ur hair pics (cute by the way) and we're about the same complexion. I use the smashbox concealer in the tube. Get it from Ulta or Sephora and if u don't like it after u use it, you can take it back. HTH!
  4. what if i do not use makeup, like i usually just dap on a little lipgloss and go can you just use the eye cream and concealer? TIA:flowers:
    by the way wrote all of this down.
  5. If u don't use makeup I suppose you should go for one that is ur exact skin tone and use a primer to make ur face look even (I also use the smashbox primer +SPF). Since you have pretty smooth skin you might not need the primer. I'm not sure how that would workout though bc I either just go for full face of makeup or none at all...
  6. ^^ I get what you're saying & thank you:flowers:
  7. yeah, if you don't use make up at all, then get one your color. If you go a shade lighter, you will look weird....