How to buy Hermes Scarves on ebay?

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  1. i think i am going through a scarf craze... anyway, i'm really keen on hermes scarves but the full price is just too much to pay, for a piece of cloth literally... so i'm thinking of getting pre-owned ones from ebay, but have absolutely no idea how to spot which are authentic. I suppose there are fake hermes scarves going around, rite? So how do you make sure you are bidding on the real thing? Any advice would be much appreciated.:smile:

  2. I actually haven't seen too many Hermes scarves floating around, but I tend to only entertain the idea of buying from sellers that are known for being reputable. Definitely check out their other items and feedback, that will help you in determining whether or not a scarf is real. Also, there are probably experts here that can help you if you post a link.
  3. Post links of some you like and we'll help you! :smile:
  4. I apologize, I meant I haven't seen too many FAKE Hermes scarves floating around. But again, not the expert.
  5. Why don't you get a pocket square? That's their smaller version of their full size scarf. I think it's only $115. They have beautiful patterns :love:
  6. I've bought several Hermes scarves on ebay. There are fake ones out there, but the majority are real. Buying authentic scarves isn't nearly as tricky as buying handbags.

    The fake ones lack the vibrancy of the real ones, and do not duplicate the actual designs, as they are nearly impossible to replicate since they are made with up to a dozen silkscreen screens. Instead, the copies are more "inspired" designs and are easy to spot in a clear photo.

    So get to know the designs - there are about a dozen new designs each year, and get to know the colors they come in. Almost any design you want will come up eventually. Look for auctions with clear photos. And make sure there's a close up of the edge of the scarf. The edge should be rolled and still puffy. Never, EVER iron the edge of an Hermes scarf.

    Another good thing to look for is that the scarf still has the original fold lines in it, indicating that it's never been worn. It's amazing how many people get these scarves as presents, never wear them, and end up ebaying them. I consider this the most desireable condition.

    Otherwise, just pay attention to condition, and if the seller doesn't state that it is without stains or snags, write and ask about them. Ask whether the scarf has been drycleaned too. It's preferable not to clean them, but if they must be cleaned, Hermes recommends that they be sent to in NYC.

    The truly vintage scarves have a softer silk twill, and aren't as desireable, in my opinion. The ones made in the past 15-20 years are nicer. In addition, the newer designs are more crisp than the traditional designs, as those screens have been used so many times that they're just not as exact, and often not as detailed as the newer ones.

    If you have questions about any particular scarf, post it here or PM me. I'm currently saving for a handbag so there's no chance I'll be bidding on a scarf you're interested in.
  7. I can send you pics if you want.
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    I'm looking for the one with Hermes ribbon pattern if xxxxxx
  9. Thanks for all your advice and thanks to coco-nut for your offer to help! I would love to get one of those larger ones and currently don;t have any particular design in mind.

    Impsola, if you could send me a pict of the scarf and an estimate of how much you would like for it, that would be great!

    Thank you all so much!
  10. Ahhhh......Bolduc.....sigh....
    I agree, that one looks good.
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    Right so I typed into to identify an original Hermes Scarf. Which didn’t exactly help me. That being the reason of me being here...

    I own a tiny Vintage Clothing Boutique called 'Moth‘. I have only been open a short while and do not deal in Labels such as Hermes etc... extremely old Parisian women came into me to sell me some of her clutches etc...and gave me a Hermes scarf...I know-How lucky am I.?
    She said she has no use for it now being so old..

    So my question is. How do I know if this one I have is an original even though from what I have read above I'm going with it is.!

    It is a Bright grass green with what looks like drums on it and gold rope.? Colours are background green and details red, purple and gold.
    A black and gold frame around the detailed picture and the Hermes Paris logo I the left hand corner. Faint fold lines but def worn and a bit creased…but no snags etc…

    Help anyone.??
    read our rules please!

    Very intrigued....