How to buy an expensive item from a new seller with no feedbacks?

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  1. I know I probably shouldn't even consider doing this. However, the seller got the bag that I really really like for a reasonable price. The problem is, the seller is located in Cyprus, a country I have no idea of; has absolutely no feedbacks or previous activities on ebay; and leaves no other clues to make judgment on.

    I read from the sticky thread that, if you pay for the item by paypal using credit card, there's still a chance to get the chargeback from CC if you don't receive the item or find out it's fake. Is this true? If that's the case, I think I will give it a shot, even it's a long shot.

    thanks a lot!
  2. I would stay away from this one if I were you, but I tend to be overly cautious. They could be legit or they could be a scammer, but with no FB and in a strange (forgive me, don't want to get bashed here) country, you may never get your money back if anything goes wrong.
  3. i agreed with "mmmsc" i would stay away and not get involve with zero feedback seller. i had bad experience with those kind of seller before. You might win a papal case but if paypal can't reverse fund from the seller, you might still have to wait (god no till when) till now i still didn't get the rest of my money back, lots of headach can't sleep lol. i think you are better of protect yourself first.. just my 2 cents
  4. If you're serious about it, it might be worth getting in contact with the seller to get a "feel" for them. I've had dealings with a couple of people from Cyprus and it's been absolutely fine - but if there's no feedback or anything else to go on it doesn't really matter where they're from. Ask some questions and you'll get a better idea - don't rely on the chargeback, whilst you'd likely win, it can take a long, long time to get sorted out....
  5. why do u consider Cyprus as "strange" country?? its little island on the edge of the Europe.. very hot, very friendly and there are some stylish people! i used to live there (only few months) and the main thing i noticed abt young girls/guys is how stylish, well dressed they are. most of them own accessories from designers (funny enough - u cant buy them on Cyprus, so they all travel to France, Italy etc) and most of the young people live very fashionable life. what i noticed - its very important for them to look good and own nice things. so i wouldnt worry, u may get great deal for yourself! but make sure u pay via paypal and credit card, just for a back up if anything go wrong. and another thing is - evetry1 starts his ebay adventure somewhere, with zero feedbacks :smile:
    good luck with your purchase!
  6. Did you have the bag authenticated from the seller's photos? If not, I would start there if you are considering going through w/ the transaction.
  7. you know, I was also thinking, the seller must be aware she/he has to 'prove' herself, so maybe you could ask for a picture of the bag with today's paper next to it? Just an idea, or would that be too rude?
    At least you know the item is in their posession..
  8. ^ Not a bad idea!
  9. Hi everyone, thanks for your great advises!

    aga_famo, I learnt a lot about Cyprus from you! Thanks! Hope to visit the island some day myself.

    The bidding will end in one hour, but I've decided to pass on this deal, mainly because the seller has not responded any of my emails inquiring about the bag. I had it authenticated on the Chanel forum and the feedback was positive. I just needed one more push from the seller to place the bid, but hearing nothing from her totally put my mind in peace.
  10. good decision I suppose.. if the seller didnt respond ... next bag will come sooner or later :smile: good luck :smile:
  11. Ok so basically what kind of attitude do you guys suggest to have with a new, 0 fb seller?
    I have spotted a bag I like, sold on ebay by a newbie ; I asked for more pictures (no answer yet), but what else should I do ?