How to buy a hermes dust bag?

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  1. Hi, I bought a hermes kelly bag from reseller but that bag doesn't come with dust bag.I really want to know how can I buy a hermes dust bag?

  2. They are availble on the internet ..
  3. Can try your local consignment shops too
    Also if you have very gd relationship with your local h store
  4. I got a free dust bag every time I did a spa. Just have to ask for it.
  5. They gave me a new dustbag when i took my bag in for spa also, as i don't give them anything else, just the bag itself

  6. Plus one. I got one for free as well.
  7. +1 :smile:
  8. So far I've alway been given a new dust bag with every refurbishment. Hopefully this will continue.

    Now a new box would be a nice thing too. Last few bag purchases my local SA has tried to talk me out of the box saying they take up too much room. Maybe she was looking for a spare for another client.

    An old soft pillow case makes a great bag cover and when I travel my H bags go into old cut down pillowcases to save previous weight in my suitcases.
  9. I got a new dust bag and a box when I collected my bag from the spa.
  10. H will not sell or replace dust bags.

    I asked in Paris and they refused even though I brought in the bag, a Jypsiere, that needed the replacement.

    But when my B went to spa, they returned it with a new dust bag so I used the replacement one for my J and it has now worked out fine.
  11. Thank you all of you! There is no H store where I'm living, I think I will take my bag to mel next month.
  12. Good to know
  13. i second every one that have received a new dust bag after spa...
  14. However it would probably be considerably cheaper to just buy a sleeper on the secondary market.
  15. I sent my Kelly for a spa and it didn't come with a dust bag. I asked if I could get one and they said they don't give out extra dust bags. Mine was serviced at Beverly Hills.
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