How to buy a fake in todays Miami Herald

  1. Thank goodness most the comment writers have a brain. And morals.

    Something the author obviously lacks.
  2. Fakes are wrong for soooo many reasons- I'm sure this post will not go over well here!! This article is pro fake and the purse forum is not!
  3. That entire article enraged and disgusted me. Especially considering the tiny little blurb about "Illegal Business" is then totally disregarded by the "Homework" section underneath it, which gives ADVICE ON HOW TO BUY A GOOD FAKE.


    Why would they post ADVICE and TIPS & TRICKS on how to do something ILLEGAL?! :cursing:

    "...and a satchel for an unknown teenage girl I had picked in my office's charity gift exchange."

    lucky her....NOT.
  4. Like someone else said, she is probably just an intern writer "wannabe". If she does not show any morals, why whould any place want to hire her?
  5. What I don't understand is even if she is just an intern or whatever, why would such a large paper print such a shady article, which basically promotes illegal activity?

    It's on the Miami Herald for even printing that garbage in the first place.
  6. This is sickening....:throwup:
  7. It's hard to believe that this writer and Dave Barry were both employed by the same newspaper. I made sure to add my own comments to this, and I'd encourage other readers to do the same!
  8. im guessing the miami herald is a less than reputable newspaper.
  9. Wow.. I can't understand why the Herald would print this. Aren't they opening themselves and their writer to potential lawsuits or criminal charges?
  10. It is a sad article.
  11. The funny thing is that if one day the author should have an authentic bag no one will believe him!!!
    Regina :p
  12. My thoughts EXACTLY!! Fakes are illegal - I don't know how she is getting away with this. If a writer wrote an article on how to take drugs and a paper published it I'm sure that there would be consequences, and there should be in this instance too!!
  13. If this is back street underhand trading,it's unbelievable that the Herald would report on it.
  14. love the puppy Couture!^^