How to buy a diamond necklace

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  1. After a long time wearing my beautiful Tiffany .08 yg dby necklace, I have decided that I want to go quite larger occasionally. I want a beveled gold diamond that is about .3 to .5 carats.

    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations and opinions when shopping for a diamond necklace - like best place to get them, where to avoid or go (certain jewelry stores, department store in general?, vacation tourist spots), etc.

    I found this Bony Levy solitaire at the rack near me, and I bought it BUT it has NO specs- no information. I had some of my jewelry cleaned this weekend at Tiffany and while I was waiting for them to get my stuff, I used their loupe to look into the stone and man are there a ton of inclusions!!! Looking at the Tiffany website though, it does seem like they are okay with VVS/SI quality as the stones get larger for their dby stones.

    So before I keep it for sure, I thought I'd ask for anyone's opinions - whether it's worth it, whether you would send it in for a certification (to evaluate GIA), whether it's not a really big deal the amount of inclusions as it is a necklace and not an engagement ring...
  2. Well, you bought it at Nordstrom rack, how much can you really expect? If you like it and the price was good, keep it. If the quality of the stone is important, return and buy a better one with specs. I would not bother getting a Gia certification for a bony levy from Nordstrom rack.
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  3. thanks for the reply! I didn't know what to expect in terms of quality when looking for a diamond in necklace form. Honestly it wasn't until one of my friends said "well generally stones don't have to be that great of quality in necklace form" did I really ever think of diamonds that way.
  4. I think conventional wisdom is that the specs matter more for rings than earrings/necklaces because not many people will get close enough to anything but rings to notice imperfections. It’s up to your personal preferences. If it looks good to you, don’t worry about the quality of the stone. The value of diamonds seems to be mostly inflated anyway, so if I like a style and the price is good, I don’t care about stone quality so much for casual (like fashion fine jewelry) pieces. My dbty style necklace is from vrai and oro (pre diamond foundry) and I am perfectly satisfied with it.
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  5. I agree with PP, if it looks good, I would wear it
  6. If it sparkles and looks good, wear it and enjoy it. At the end of the day you're not going to be wearing the GIA certificate around your neck.