How to buy a Birkin when no wait list?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I am wanting a Birkin in black but the boutique in SF told me that they stopped doing waitlists so how can people buy them? besides calling and/or going to the store everyday and checking inventory? :confused1:


    p.s. if anybody can recommend me a particular size.. it'll be appreciated! TIA! :heart:
  2. Well, the way I see it there are two choices.
    1) go into the store every opportunity you have (forget calling about Birkins, that just annoys them). Be patient--sometimes it takes a while.
    2) pay a premium to a reseller. That's the whole reason they exist--to serve people who want a specific thing and/or don't want to wait months or years to buy at Hermes.

    Recommending a size without knowing your build, your preferences for general bag sizes, etc., is pretty much impossible AND the fact of the matter is there's no real set rule anyway. I'm short and carry everything from a 32cm Kelly to a 40cm Birkin (occasionally). It's just a matter of what YOU like.
  3. How do you find a reputable premium reseller for a birkin?

    I am about 5'4 and 125 pounds.. looking for a everyday size handbag.. Thanks for your help!

  4. you are in the right place for that kind of research--there are many reputable sellers out there. your size being quite a typical woman--for everyday might consider a 30 or 35 depending on what you are likely to carry with you. a 30 is more a handbag and 35 more of tote
  5. thanks!

    how do you find a reputable premium reseller for a brand new birkin? right now, from the research done and help on this forum (thank you!).. i am considering the black birkin with silver hardware 30cm..
  6. We actually have a list of recommended resellers here on tPF, which is a great place to start :smile: Good luck!

    And yes, I would say that you could use either a 35cm (most popular/common size in the US) or a 30cm (a little smaller, obviously). I recommend that you check the measurements in inches on the listings you are looking at, and compare them to bags you already own to make sure that the size will suit you.
  7. do you have a link to the recommended resellers? Thanks so much!
  8. Yep:

    I also recommend doing a quick search here on the forums if you are interested in a bag from a seller on that list, because sometimes there are people whose experiences have varied from good to great to bad to terrible--but the seller is included on the list because she/he sells authentic items only.