How To "Brand" Your Sold Items

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
I just sold a pricey handbag yesterday. It was Buy It Now with Immediate Payment required and I have specific buyer requirements in my preferences. This person barely squeaked by them b/c one seller left them a neutral for an NPB. There was one negative for NPB this month. They have a confirmed address, but only 7 positives. I already transfered the money from my Paypal account, but with all the "bait/switch" stories floating around, I'm still a bit paranoid about hearing back from this buyer that the bag is fake, they file a claim, yadda, yadda. I'm in no state of mind to deal with that sort of BS right now even though I have proof standing by that it's authentic. I also have it clearly stated in my listings that there are no returns, but people are always trying to get around that.

There had been some discussion a while back about tagging our items in a way that a buyer won't know, but if they try to send a fake back, we'll have them dead to rights b/c it does have our "hangtag" or whatever on it.

Have any of you done that yet? How did you "brand" your item w/o making it obvious or in some way affecting the bag (this one is brand new, never used). I toyed with stitching a bit of thread in an inconspicuous place in the lining, but that's all I can come up with right now.

Suggestions? :shrugs:
those bright colored bracelet things from party stores (you know, those ones you stick together that you can get from clubs/bars, etc?...i can't for the life of me figure out what they're called...). lots of people use those because they can't just be taken off without ripping the bracelet- so you would know if it had been taken off. then just sign it and put it around the handle.
Cool! Thanks kallison! :nuts:

We have one of those party stores and the DH is going over to that general direction today. I'll check and see if they have them.

reddianasaur, I don't sell that many things on eBay (normally just shoes) and have only sold two bags so far so I'm not sure I'll go to the expense of having my name on them, but thanks for that suggestion too.
I use the Tyvek bands as well. I haven't thought of sparing the expense to have my eBay ID on them. I just switch out funky prints. I have some with orange lizards and some with pink polka dots and some with yellow duckies.
Thanks for the name of those thingies! I looked all over and couldn't find anything but medical ID tags. I just called our local Party City after getting the trade name and found out they have them there. Unfortunately only in 100 & 500 packages and I doubt I'll need more than one or two, but it's worth the extra expense just in case....

Thanks everyone!! You guys rock! :rochard:
yeah, thanks for the names of those! that was driving me crazy!
maybe you could find a cheap bag of them on ebay? or find a place that uses them for security and take a few? hehe. or maybe a craft store has something like that? not sure.
Luggage tags!

They come with a unique serial number, are made of plastic so are durable (you thread a long piece of plastic through a hole) And the odds of someone else getting a tag of the same colour, style, design, and number is not going to happen.

Plus, they are designed to be totally tamper proof, you'd have to cut it to get it off - so if someones been tinkering, you'll know.:yes:

I've got some that are made by versapak:smile:
Has anyone won a paypal claim in such cases? Where the buyer has pulled a switch? Even if the buyer sends back a bag that's not yours... will paypal believe you? It's your word against their's (the buyer's) right?
If you are selling an LV- its clearly identifiable by the date code. They cant bait and switch with that. So I would think there is no reason to tag it unless there are other scams??