How to block unwanted buyers?

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  1. Sooooo...

    Let's just say that, hypothetically, that you suspect that someone is going to try to buy something from you for the sole purpose of leaving a negative because you left one for them. Let's say that you've already blocked that person in anticipation of said sale. What's to stop them from creating a new ID so they can make the retaliatory purchase? Is there anything that can be done if they do?

    I hate dealing with crazies.

  2. whenever a new to ebay bidder bids, I'd just cancel it. I'd write in my listing bidders with 0 feedback cannot bid and those bids will be cancelled or something to that effect.

    I mean, you'll ward off legit bidders, but it's complete protection.

    I'd report this person.
  3. On the bottom of any ebay page is the link to site map. Click on it. The center column like the 2nd from the top has a link to the Block Bidder/Buyer block. Add the ID you wish to block and save it.
  4. noshoepolish- I did that for the known ID. I'm looking for ways to block new IDs this person creates. I totally believe they'd do it.
  5. No way to do that.
  6. No way to actually know the different/new username of another *bayer who has 2+ accounts. Best to do is block newbies w/ 0 FB. Plus, you can also look at buyers' locations to see if they're in the same state/city or whatnot.