How to become an expert....

  1. I really only "know" the bags I do you expert ladies become such an expert (on authenticating, knowing discontinued colors/years, etc.)? Is there a book somewhere that details everything? or is it just knowledge of what you own?
  2. I used to flip through eBay auctions obsessively.. after you see lots, you gradually pick up your knowledge. Reading the posts here doesn't hurt either.

    There's no really good compendum that I can recommend, I'm not so sure about those guides on eBay either - I bought one because I was curious but I felt really ripped off after since it basically reiterated everything I knew.

    I'm not sure if I'm an expert.. per say, after all, "I know nothing, except that". :biggrin:
  3. It makes me wonder, though, I mean, I see so many LV bags every day, and honestly, I couldn't tell you how many are fake and how many aren't. Some are obvious, when the shape or the colour is obviously wrong, but some of those fakes are really well done. How do you tell a high-end fake from the real thing?
  4. I hear ya glow!
    I wanted a CB papillon really badly at one point and was researching like I can pretty much spot a fake there....but so many other things I am not great the fonts on the stamps, etc.
  5. Well I grew up with my mom having authentic LVs and I always used to go into the boutiques with her so I just gradually became aware of the differences in the fakes vs. the authentic bags. I gained not only an appreciation for the details of authentic LV, but I gained an appreciation for the company and it's history as well.
    Also, there are sites like mypoupette that help by showing pictures and comparisons of the two. This guide was VERY helpful and I referred to it quite often:

    Other than that, I make no claims to be an "expert" because I haven't really gotten into the older vintage bags very much so I only have basic knowledge of those bags, and am getting better at determining when a bag is a "super fake" (nearly exact copy of the authentic one.) But like I said, I'm not an expert but I feel my knowledge about LV is above average.
  6. Ya... same here. ;)
  7. I have learned so much from this forum!! Not only what to look for in the canvas, but for the superfakes, what kind of font to look for in the stamp and datecode. I have also read a ton of stuff on fake LV's trying to learn. I have been telling all this to my hubby too, and yesterday he came home and says, "Tra, I saw the worst fake today!", I said how did you know? He says, the vachetta straps where the leather comes together to make a seam, that it was glued together and painted orange!! I was very impressed!!!
  8. LOL Traci...I love it when the hubbies get into it!
    I made a comment once on a fake CB purse in the mall once, and my hubby asked me how I knew, so I explained...he was actually interested lol
  9. 1. Obsessively perusing any and all LV items and info on any and all websites will cause you to find out tons of info on authentic and counterfeit items! :yes:

    2. Going hand-in-hand with that is a non-stop desire to own lots of LV, new and pre-loved! :love:

    3 Belonging to a number of LV groups also helps... with increasing time spent on 1 and 2! :lol:

    BTW, DH knows more about authentification than any of the SAs at our local boutique! :lol: (But he'll never admit it to the "boys"!) :graucho: