How to be fashionable without dry cleaning?

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  1. Hi ladies! I am always trying to add classic, staple pieces to my wardrobe. However, it seems as though everything needs to be dry cleaned! I don't like this for two reasons - one, it is crazy expensive, and two, I don't like the idea of all those chemicals against my skin all day. So, do you have any suggestions for clothing lines that are well made, not too expensive, and classic AND that can be washed at home? I liked some of the business-type stuff at H&M (very cheap, a bit too trendy at times), but I am noticing that everything falls apart in the wash. If you have any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. some of the Ann taylor and Ann taylor loft pieces are good and do not need dry cleaning. Also try stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall's for variety! The other thing is you can get dry cleaning sheets that you can use at home. They are usually located in the detergent aisle. You put your dry clean only in the dry with the sheets and it works great. I think a brand is like dryel or something like that!
  3. I'll tell you a secret. The only things you need to dry clean are jackets and things with contrasting colors that might bleed like red & white or black & white. Otherwise, get some woolite and a small tub and wash away. What do you think your grandmother did with her fancy stuff back in the day? Just wore it dirty? NO! You can handwash almost anything. I do silk blouses, dresses, etc... and usually only dryclean jackets, stuff that is lined and my dresses that are too bulky to me to do it myself. Otherwise, in the tub it goes! I ALWAYS handwash my sweaters, lay them to dry and then hand-steam them with a towel and iron and they always look immaculate and don't even pill.

    So, yes, you can buy nice clothes without always having to run to the cleaners! It is called "handwash" with care.
  4. I agree 100%. Almost EVERYTHING that says "Dry Clean Only" absolutely DOES NOT need to be dry cleaned. You're just wasting your money if you dry clean all those items. You can hand wash sooo much. Either in a bowl or your sink, but many washing machines also have a hand wash cycle that you can put your clothes in. Just make sure they don't go through a spin cycle! Then, you can either lay flat to dry or hang them up to dry. I do this for almost everything in my closet. All the tops with sequins or other embellishment, cashmere tops, anything handmade or particularly delicate, lingerie, dresses, silk...
  5. I agree with shoulderache and daisyduke! You can handwash so many things. Also, you can use a dry-cleaning kit like dryel.
  6. OMIGOSH, you literally took the words right out of my mouth! :lol: I pour Woolite into some water in a plastic tub. Then I just handwash my clothes, and then let them lay flat to dry. I only dry-clean my thick coats. Obviously, you cannot wash those in a little plastic tub. But everything else, I handwash! :tup:
  7. I use Nordstrom Lingerie Wash to safely clean fine washables. This is really good to hand wash cashemere and silk. Hand wash is always better :smile:
  8. Quick question, does it have to be woolite? Can I handwash with Tide or will I ruin these items?
  9. I think Woolite is recommended because it isn't as harsh on clothes as Tide or other detergents are. You can also use a steamer in between wearings, for ex. if you can get a 2nd use out of a pair of dress pants or a top you only wore for a couple of hours.
  10. Things like cashmere for example are softer after handwashing too.
  11. No, you can use Tide. Tide is meant for machine washing though. You should get something like liquid Ivory or Dove soap. It's much gentler on things like lingerie and cashmere.
  12. They have washers and dryers now days that can be very much compared to dry cleaning. They aren't at all cheap but are good investments as you will save money on dry cleaning and replacing ruined clothes. Also, invest in getting a really good steamer-which you can get for a few hundred dollars. You can often keep a item of clothing clean and in perfect condition with a steamer alone.
  13. i handwash anything that says it needs to be dry cleaned. i don't own any high end designer clothing items tho.
  14. i throw a lot of dry clean stuff in the wash on delicate cycle with tide, then i just hang dry. they come out fine.
  15. Silly queston, but how do you "hand wash" stuff? Just let it soak? And for how long?