"How to be a good wife" circa 1955

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  1. Yes! Me too. At the same time..I sure hope MY hubby doesn't see that! :sick:
  2. My brother put that on the fridge for his wife to see. I asked how long it stayed up there? Long enough for her to express that murder is an option (his demise) and before she could take it to keep as evidence for her defense in any potential trial, my brother removed it. I don't think his wife thought it was funny.
    My boyfriend saw it and asked why I was not more like that. "You're just a boyfriend, not a husband." was my response. "Besides, you'd not get that sort of treatment if you were my husband. I make my own money."
  3. before accepting a guy that request acting like that i would rather prefer letting spider webs grow in between my legs :yes:
    i really pity the women back then - be born to serve the husbands needs :yucky:
  4. I think we've turned 1955 on it's head
  5. wow. we've come a long way! a big thank you to old school feminists.
  6. wow... bascicly if you were your husbands slave you were a good wife =D
  7. So barf.
  8. ewww eww eww & eww. Every so often they bring the 1955 wife book out on howard Stern...cracks me up every single time!
  9. My friends mother did that as a joke a couple years back, and boy was I confused! I wasn't sure if she actually thought to try to do the "ways" or if it was a joke for a while :shocked:
  10. HAHAHA I love that. I should let my boyfriend see that and let him say Y cant I be like that just so I can say becasue your my boyfriend not my husband. HAHAHA
  11. eww:sick:
  12. HAHA! That was hilarious! I can't believe that the real deal. Who would ever follow those instructions???? Then again that was like 50 years ago. No wonder divorce was so unusual in that day (women were taught to be docile slaves and yes-men). How sad....
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    i like how she's all dressed up over the stove:cool:
  14. I LOVE THIS! It's CLASSIC! I read this a fews years ago and I'm so glad you found this! I'm going to print it out and share it with everyone. Amazing what a few decades can make!