How to baby the nappa gaufre?

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  1. Hi all,

    I recently got 2 nappa gaufre (BR4247 & BN1789) from Joanna (Hawaii) & wonder how I should go about taking care of them.

    The BR4247 is an extremely versatile bag & I would like to have it replace the Neverfull as my daily bag. However, my bag is rather heavy on a normal day as I move ard with my basics as well as my ipad2. Will the leather get stretched and eventually look outta shape?
  2. I am a fairly new owner of a nappa gaufre so am not an expert on this subject. But just to share my bag care routine - I condition it with the Silk Serum Treatment from Lovinmybags occasionally, and avoid direct contact with water. While I do not baby it excessively (I do want to enjoy my bag!!), I am always careful not to scratch it against hard surface, and never set it down on dirty surface, etc. Mine is light color (pomice) so I also avoid direct contact with dark colors that may result in colour stains/transfer.