How to Baby a Bolide?

  1. My other bags are lined in Chevre, and now that I've got a Bolide lined in what feels like a baby's bottom I'm wondering how to protect the lining. The biggest potential offender is my set of keys, currently on a keyring and stuffed inside a Le Sportsac zippered pouch. This in a rather inelegant solution, so I'm throwing this question out to all of you. I realize that I could use one of the bag liners, but in a 31cm Bolide it seems like overkill. Any great Hermes Key holders out there?
  2. actually i use a lv vernis keyholder that i adore. i also just got my mom a chanel one. i'm sure hermes makes them though.

    btw if you really want to baby the bag send it to me... i'll take care of it for you ;)
  3. Hi MillStream, I use a Karo GM in my Bolides to hold my lipsticks, mints, cellphone and keys (and etc.)...this seems to do the trick.

    I have a special gator covered heart that unsnaps with a picture inside on my keyring - and that baby is staying on my keys! So the Karo keeps the keys from gouging the ultrasoft agneau lining.
  4. lol hl^^^!!! I love my bolides best and try to be careful but don't worry about it too much -- the karo is a great little something to have inside and it's big and the keys fit easy (along with lipsticks, etc.) -- just a thought - I do have the H keyholder but don't bother sticking the keys inside and snapping about lazy!!!
  5. I use the little H pouch that typically holds the Bolide strap!
  6. Katel!!! Great minds think alike lol!!!
  7. I have the keycase that matches the Bearn wallet. It has the same closure. I have had no problems with it at all. I have this thing about matching wallets and keycase, ok, so I am anal compulsive :smile: Mine is turquoise chevre and is holding up very well.
  8. I toss all my bits and pieces including keys in my KARO GM and that seems to work really well for me, too MILLSTREAM!
  9. My SA suggested the Dogon keycase in clemence which I've been using now for almost a year, and it's worked wonders to hold the janitor's-style-chunk of keys I haul around. :smile:
  10. I have a Bearn Key wallet too, it's great. I also carry the H pouch from my Karo clutch in my bag to throw other bits into.
  11. You're too much, H! I think I'll try babying her on my own for now.
  12. ooo, definitely protect the keys, but beyond that, no need to over-baby it, right. #1 priority is enjoy the bag!
  13. Thanks, Katel, shoes and S'Mom for the Karo tip. I gather there's more than one size of Karo and that I should consider the GM. There's a Karo on eBay and the style looks quite practical. Is the closure magnetic, or does one need to unsnap it to get inside?
  14. Thanks so much, gracekelly, gina_B and Rose. I hadn't realized there were Bearn and Dogon style cases and will take a look next time I'm at Hermes.

    frenchiefan, using the strap pouch certainly works!

    HH, I'm enjoying the Bolide immensely and just want to be a responsible guardian!
  15. ^^^It has a snap on each end of the top, a very sweet design (natch) that seemingly wants to snap itself once you start. I have a rose dragee Karo GM in swift, and even with the soft leather, it snaps nicely. I'd LOVE one in chevre one day. :yes: