How to avoid scratching interior metal tag?

  1. HI, SINCE I haven't owned a BBag too long, I was wondering 2 things:
    What is the metal tag made of-inside the bag?
    Is there anyway to avoid scratching it, since the plastic covering is off?
    Or is it scratch proof?
    Thanks so much, because today I stuffed my New Violet First full of things and was a bit worried it would get scratched up and dingy looking!
  2. I totally do not like the scratched up metal plate. What I did with one of my bags worked really well so I may do it for future metal-tagged bbags.

    I used those clear screen protector films that you can buy to protect screens for your ipod, cell phone, PDA, digital camera screen, etc. I bought this brand that can be cut to fit whatever screen and cut one out for the metal tag. The only tricky part was on either side where the thread attaches the metal plate to the leather tag. But this has worked really well for me and I used them for all of my other screen uses, too. Hope that helps.

  3. Wow, thanks soooo much for showing me that! what a clever idea:tup:
  4. Great idea! Love it!
  5. Thank you for posting this thread, chloe! :flowers: I hate it when I receive a bag and find out the SA has removed the plastic cover. :push: Thanks for the awesome tip, bal newbie. :tup:
  6. To answer the other question, I believe the plate is made of silver, as it has the 925 stamp on it.
  7. great idea. My bbag is 7 months old and I've never removed the plastic covering that came with the metal tag. It ain't enough to cover the whole thing so now just the edges are scratched. I'll try that idea of yours.............thanks for sharing......
  8. Thanks Eliza, that definitely justifies the price of the bags if it's sterling! LOL!
  9. Great question! Now I need to go and get some of the screen protectors!
  10. great idea.
  11. Why do the SA's take off the plastic film anyway? The one I got from Nordstrom had it on it, but i sent the bag back. Neimans sent my Violet City without one, and Aloha Rag sent my Violet First without one( Although their packaging was impeccable!)
  12. I've never had a plastic cover on the metal tag

    Much to my boyfriends amusement, I put my keys and stuff in another bag within my bbag. So far it has kept the tags scratch free.

    I love bal newbies idea.. I think I'll try that too