How to avoid listing removal due to trademark violation

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  1. how to avoid this in the future??? i just got my 3rd removal within 1 month and they are all for LV bags, not my Chanel/Balenciaga bags. I have stated in the listing that the bag has been authenticated by caroldiva but still no help! Has anyone ever get their account suspended due to this violation? can you reinstate your account after being NARUed?

  2. tomo---if you do a search on trademark violation you will find a whole bunch of threads.

    Below are the most popular reasons

    stating "Like new" in you title.
    putting Louis Vuitton/chanel logo borders on your photos or auctions.
    Louis Vuitton auction stating "check out my chanel items too"
    Selling bags, dustbags, or boxes alone
    photographs of boxes or shopping bags (sounds silly but its happened)
    Chanel bag with Vuitton in title, vice versa.
    and there are 1000 more.

    I'd be happy to take a look if you want to PM me.

    When you go to click "submit" if a red box appears with a warning (shipping costs, authenticity questions, ect) read it carefully. That ususally clues as to what your listing may be pulled for.
    I go the red box when I tried to sell an LV bag and a Chanel at the same time and I mentioned that I had a chanel bag also in my LV listing.
  3. yes, pm u already

    it's so frustrating since ebay could not tell me exactly why it got removed
  4. Ok, I may be able to help. I wanted to respond in the thread in case others might find it useful.

    • You used the word "Mint" in the title, as I see you do with many items. Obviously referencing condition. I did a search of "Vuitton Mint" and 40 items came up. That means it may not be a problem, however since stating "like new" or "as good as new" is definatly a violation I would take the word out and just list it as what it is, nothing else. Adding the word isn't helping you sell the item, so if you'd like you can take advantage of the free subtitle that they are currently offering and put "Excellent Condition" if you'd like to reference condition to buyers scanning search pages.
    • You made a plea to ebay/Vero not to pull your listing. What is pulling your listing is a computer program, not a specific person that is going to take the time to read your plea. I would remove it because the only purpose it is serving is confusing your potential bidders.
    • You mentioned "I am not an authorized Louis Vuitton dealer or representative" towards the end of the auction. I would keep it worded as "I am not affliated with Louis Vuitton". Stating that you are basically not authorized to sell something could flag the auction.
    • Last but not least, and most say the following...which is what I believe tripped the system...
    We do not sell fake bags. Please check our feedbacks for our reputation for selling only authentic items. If you claim that our bag is fake, you can authenticate online at or You can also check with your local LV store and ask for Store Manager only.

    The phrase "fake bags" could be a default setting to pull some listings.

    Instead, say "All of our products are 100% authentic and we stand being our feedback and reputation for authentic luxury items. Websites like or will be happy to authenticate these items online for a small fee (or tPF for free).

    I wouldn't mention anything about checking your local LV or store manager because they are not allowed to do that an most LV's enthusiasts know that.

    Hope that helps!