How to authenticate keyfobs & charms?

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  1. I know there are ways to tell whether or not Coach bags are authentic, but what about keyfobs and charms? I really like some older designs, but when eBay is full of $6.99 listings, I suspect most of them are fake. Is there any way to tell, especially through eBay photos?

    Anyone knows any reliable seller who stocks authentic older designs? Thanks, ladies! :flowers:
  2. I too wonder that. My rule of thumb is, If the seller is selling a lot of the same charm it is probably fake. You often see charms and keyfobs being sold with the outlet boxes.
  3. What style, in particular, are you looking for? I might be able to look around and spot one for you.

    If you search the community boards at eBay for "auth coach seller list" you'll probably find a whole list of authentic sellers.

    I've bought a few key fobs off ebay...I did get burned with one though (the little 'coach' tag is the dead giveaway...the font was so off on it when I got it...thankfully I didn't pay much for it and I just leave it in my desk here with my desk keys on it)

    good luck!
  4. First, look at the seller's location. If they live out of the US there is a big chance that it will be fake. Sometimes the tags or boxes are off. Remember, you can always post ones you want in the thread on the Coach forum and we can help you out.
  5. Defintely Look At The Coach Font. It's A Huge Giveaway. Plus, Think About The Quality. How Are You Finding A 28-60 Dollar Key Chain That Cheap? It May Be Real, But Look For Quality In The Stitching, Color, Stamping,and A Sign (like A Bullseye) That It Is From A Store Or Outlet.
    Much Luck!
    Ps-keep Ur Ikd Catalogues, You Can Reference The Style And Colors.