How To Authenticate Ebay Croc Hermes Birkin

  1. :rolleyes: :heart: I'm in love with an Hermes crocodile birkin on ebay...well, actually all of them:yahoo: However, I was not sure exactly how to know whether one being sold is authentic. The major difference I have seen is the zipper. Should the zipper (the part you pull) be leather or crocodile for authentic croc birkins. I'd thought I ask as I am sure there are some true experts on the site. That way, I'll know who to bypass and who sells the real deal. :graucho: Thank you so very much to all who can help me. I grately appreciate it.:rolleyes:
  2. Hi Gigi, post the item number and I'll take a look. I can usually tell from the pictures. But remember that a lot of Ebay and Yahoo scammers simply "lift" photos of authentic Bags that legit sellers may have been selling at one time or another... and then the bag you get, isn't the one in the pic! But send me that item number. There's a whole bunch of new fake crocs on ebay right now.
  3. The ebay member is user847847. S/he has two croc bags very nicely priced for a reseller. I just have never seen the inside of a croc. And it seems on Ebay there are two type of zipper pulls offered by powersellers - one w/croc and one w/chevre. I want to get one, but I want to make sure of course it is real.
  4. Gigi, I think you meant User 857857" (and not 847847). If so, she is a member here! I don't think you should have any authenticity concerns with respect to her bags. I love her braise croc!!!
  5. no doubt about her bags i would buy blind from her her bags are immaculate !

    but generally the best bet to difference a fake between the real deal is the croc skin no fake ever get the look of the hermès skins never!
  6. thanks for your help
  7. User is the sweetest! PLEASE BUY THEM ALL and let me visist!

    User is a member here too.
  8. User857857 has gorgeous authentic Birkins!!!!:nuts: :nuts::nuts:drooling...I really like both of her croc. Birkins in red and black!
    I've exchanged some Hermes info. with her before. She is really friendly and nice.
    Hmmmm...I guess it is time for me to go to Hermes to get some Hermes treatment:P :roflmfao: !