How to authenticate a work ....

  1. Hi everyone, I am pretty new to Balenciaga and was brought to the forum by a friend. There are tremendous amount of wonderful information here regarding how to authenticate Bbags, I am so glad I have joined!!!:yahoo: I understand that for some bags with shoulder straps we can look at the bale to tell if it is genuine, however, is there any quick look for the work which has no strap? Thank you in advance.
  2. On the Work/Weekender;
    - the top of the bag is straight across (City/First bags have curved tops with a band of leather)
    - there is a seam that runs through the middle of the front of the Work
    - Works do not have the zipper overflap of a City
  3. Thank you esiders, you are the first one who replies to my post since I have joined.:heart:
  4. thanks for asking, as I've often wondered the same thing. esiders, thanks for your info.
  5. That's because I am a B-bag addict and always online...:shame:
  6. More tips for a work;
    - back of the bag has a seam running down the middle
    - interior tag is silver
    - flip side of interior tag always has "1669 made in italy"