How to authenticate a bag??? HELP PLEASE!!

  1. Do you just take it into a boutique and ask anyone there to authenticate it?
    Do you ask for a manager?
    Do you say you got it on eBay, let-trade, etc?
    Are they going to look at me funny?
    Will they give me a box/dustbag if it didn't come with one?
    If it turns out to be fake, will they say so in writing??

    :shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:

  2. I don't think they are really allowed to do it. If you have a rapport with a SA it may help.
  3. Someone posted a really good idea, instead of asking to see if the bag is authentic, bring it in for some sort of repair and if they don't accept it then you'll know it's fake.

    If you have the eBay auction link you can ask about it's authenticity in the special section (I forget the name). I think it's in the shopping section.
  4. Authenticate this LV is the section. LOL.
  5. the bag is new
  6. Where did you purchase it from? I'm confused now.
  7. The stores won't authenticate anymore - apparently they used to and some customers got really upset when told their bags are not genuine.

    The easiest way is to take some really good shots and send them to Angie of My Poupette Recommended Resellers. They authenticate for US$5.00 a bag and will even help you write a letter to state if the bag is real or fake - just in case you need to get a refund from the eBay seller if it's a fake LV.


    Good luck!
  8. You can also take picture and have Carol diva authenticate it for you.. I use her service coz it's really fast. Mypoupette takes a long time sometimes I have to call them to find out what's going on.
  9. Post it here in the "authenticate" section. You will get the fastest response!
  10. NEVER EVER EVER go in to lv and tell them you got the bag from ebay or a reseller. if i ever go in with one i say i got it from a friend or family member. they won't authenticate and they will NEVER give it to you in writing but if you say you got it from somewhere other than lv they will automatically think it's fake.
  11. take the bag into lv and tell them you'd like a quote on a repair or cleaning.. if its fake they will refuse your request.

    better yet post pic's here

    no not all ebay sales will you get a dust bag/cards or lock and key.
  12. new on ebay or new from the store ?
  13. which bag are you wondering about tracy? not your manhattan?:confused1:
    post pics here in the authenticate this sticky --lovely pfers will help you there....
  14. it's a supposed new cerise pochette (claims to have never used it). I asked someone on here and they said it looked good and the guy was going to give me a BIN but now someone has bid so I think I lost it. :crybaby:
  15. I'm sorry, don't fret, another will come your way! :flowers: