how to attach..

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  1. how do i attach pictures to my post..
    sorry kinda new at this type of thing.
    i have some eye candy i would love to share with you guys..
  2. Go to the tab that says Go Advanced then scroll down a bit and click on manage your attachments then download from your computer the file you would like to attach close the window and post it..
  3. When you post, go to the manage attachments button and you can upload pictures there.:smile:
  4. ^^ interesting info..I always thought it had to be a picture link, all this time I've had to d/l pics on photobucket and getting the url to attach..hee hee...learning some new everyday! :smile:
  5. yea...i tried that, but it tells me i have an invalid post?
    is my file too big? i already cropped it down
  6. your pic size should be 300x600 is a good size. Make sure that you have your thread title filed out as well.
  7. we actually prefer that people NOT link photos.

    They can be big in size, just not big in KB, make sure it's under 195kbs and you're good to go!
    I post pics that are 1200x1200 all the time, it's KBs, not pixels.
    Also, make sure it's jpeg.
  8. should i just do i pic at a time cause i think when i was taking the pictures, i took pictures of all the bags at once, so i can only crop it down so much?
    would it be better to take 1 picture at a time and crop it down that way?
  9. the picture can be as big as you want. You can crop or not crop.

    I may not be understanding your questions though!:Tongue:
  10. You don't need to crop the picture just resize it..
  11. SOme programs have a 'compress picture' option.
    This would reduce your kb's, it's the kb's that need reduced, not the pixels.
    Although reducing pixel # will slightly reduce the kbs usually, but not usually enough.
  12. since we are on this topic :smile: i wanted to ask, how come in some posts and most of them pictures appear as links you have to click on, when using advanced settings and at the same time some pictures appear as thiumbnails, i.e. visible as small pictures not as links. i hope i am not being to confusing, just wondering what makes the picture appear without the links?
  13. if people 'embed' the photo, also known as linking it/leeching it from another website, the photo shows up.
    If they attach it from their PC, which we prefer, it's a thumbnail you have to click on.
    Does this answer your question {?}
  14. THANK YOU Swanky!! Yes you unswered it very clearly! Thank YOU!!!
  15. oh good! :biggrin: