how to ask for the saks friends & family discount

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  1. i have a sales associate that i have been buying from for about 3 years now (mostly chanel handbags) i buy $2k+ or $3k+ at a least $10K total a year. he's never offered me a friends and family would you suggest i go about asking for one without sounding too desperate?
  2. Geez! I'm surprised you would have to ask..I would think your SA would have offered it to you! :sad: I guess just 'ask'...casually?:shrugs:
  3. emmy, i know! i'm a little....hurt and slightly annoyed that he never offered me one. i buy 99.5% of my chanels from him.
  4. i guess i'll say.... "do you have an extra friends and family coupon you could spare me?" :rolleyes:
  5. ^ Yeah..Perfect! When are you going to ask? Isn't that coming up soon? I wish I could get in on that!!
  6. Wow--I'm sorry to hear you haven't received anything, yet! I would also go with the casual approach, but I personally would be offended if he uses some sort of excuse. I didn't even know they had a F&F. When is it? Good luck!
  7. maybe you should bring up that you heard about a f+f sale and say you don't know if its true. ask him if he's ever heard of such a thing. he should be ashamed of himself if he does not offer you one! also, if he lies and says that they don't have one or something, then tell him that he just lost a very valuable customer and take your business to another SA!
  8. You could always go to the concierge desk and ask for a discount card. I did that last year and they didn't hesitate to give me one. I know it depends on which Saks you go to and how accomodating they want to be. If you're spending that kind of money, he should definitely set you up.
  9. just say you purchased something through another SA and they gave it to you. when you're inquiring the bags, say something along the lines of, "i just bought a great scarf upstairs and got the friends and family discount...does it apply to all of the bags?" don't bother asking, TELL HIM. it's very strange he hasn't mentioned it. i've had it offered from many Saks SAs, even at locations i don't regularly shop at.
  10. You could always say your friend just told you about it and you wanted to know if you could get one too!
    Also, the F & F discount doesn't apply to everything, some designer brands/jewelry are not included.
    Good Luck.
  11. I'm pretty sure the friends and family discount doesn't apply to Chanel, sadly.
  12. does anyone know if david yurman is included? I'm looking to purchase some things from them... do you guys know if it is included in the EGC events?
  13. That kind of ... sucks :sad:. I would initiate the subject and maybe then he would be nice enough to offer you a discount. Although, I'm not too sure if the F+F Discount apply to CHANEL.
  14. say to him "why don't you offer me a f&f? i like a good deal too!"

  15. I believe that David Yurman was excluded last year. They used to apply it to everything and then 2 years ago they started excluding all the high end designers - Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu, Tods, etc. as well as Sunglasses. You can still use it towards cosmetics which I take full advantage of! Everytime they have the sale, the exclusions change so we'll see what they do this time.