How to ask for extra photos of Bbag components in German?

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  1. Hi there, I found this thread really informative: and now want to start a similar one about how to ask for photos of specific parts of a bag. I wanted to ask in German, here is my attempt:
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Guten Tag! Das ist sehr scheoenes Tasche! Ich komme aus England, und mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut! Ich versuche...

    Bitte koennen Sie einige Fotos machen -
    zurück vom Handgriff - und auch die Kleinteile angebracht zum Bügel - ah! und auch Frontseite und Rückseite des Umbaus. Entschuldigung, so viel!
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Ok, ich denke das ist alle, vielen danke!!

    Which is mostly grammatically incorrect. I hope it translates as something like:
    Good day! That is very beautiful bag!
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana](yeah, I missed out the 'a'. I was too lazy to check if it should be ein oder eine so I just left it out.) [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]I come from England, and my German is not very good! I try ...
    Please can you
    (formal 'you' since I don't know the seller)take a few photos - back of handles - and also the hardware at the end of the strap - ah! and also the front and back of the tag. Sorry, so much! Ok, I think that is all, many thanks!!

    Ok hopefully you've stopped laughing now and can give me some pointers on how to do better next time. I only did 3 years of German at school, that's it, I hope I remembered right that you say Fotos machen i.e. 'make a photo' not 'take a photo' - which would be Fotos nehmen.

    Any help would be gratefully received, thank you ever so much.

    If anyone knows the equivalent stuff in other languages - perhaps French and Italian - that'd be cool too. I'm not even going to try at them, it'd be way too embarassing.

  2. Guten Tag!Die Tasche ist wirklich sehr schön..
    Ich bin aus England und deshalb ist mein Deutsch nicht so gut, aber ich versuche mein Bestes.
    Könnten sie vielleicht zusätzliche Photos von der Rückseite der Henkel, der Hardware am Ende des Trägers und der Vorder und Hinterseite des Leder(leather)Metall(metal)schildes machen?
    Ich hoffe es macht ihnen nicht zu viele Umstände.
    Vielen Dank

    Probably like this??!
    I changed the last part a little bit...cause so sorry sounds weird translatet to german
    Also I don't really know a word for Hardware..I use Hardware;)as a german speaker..

    Hope this helps :heart:
  3. Oulaliscious, that is awesome :nuts:
    I didn't know that you are a german speaker as your English is flawless!
    I know you live in Europe but thought you are originally from English background :yes:
  4. :shame: aww thanks so much aki_sato
    I try my best as I LOVE languages but still need to learn a lot:heart:
  5. Oualaliscious... Yes I am with Aki... Your English is perfect :smile: