How to apply this blush? How and what to use to achieve that natural flush?

  1. I was reccomended to get the LM quad in a coral set, but not sure how to use it without looking clowny. How to swirl the colors, etc. I was also thinking about the loose powder that says it works for a natural flush. What do you think? I also got the LM travel kit so I have the blush brush as well.

    Or do you know of a different brands blush for this look? I am olive toned.

  2. anyone?
  3. Get your blush on a brush, smile, apply it to your apples, then buff it in make sure its not too dark and not all extra noticeable. Then get a face powder, and lightly apply it to your cheeks covering the blush. If done right, it should look even naturalerrr.
  4. Yes, its recommended to have a larger blush brush, circular preferably.. not those small square ones... then take a nice amount of it, not too much and apply to the apples of the cheeks.. (apples are the pudgy part of your cheeks that pop out when you smile).. its also said to even out blush that some people apply small amount to their forehead, nose and chin.. NOT alot.. just a tiny tiny small brush by.. this evens the face out and doesnt draw all attention to the pink/rose cheeks. Everytime I have my makeup done for something, this is what the makeup artists do, and it looks great.

    Good luck!
  5. I always dip my brush into the blush, only when I know that it's a sheer color I'll dip 2-3 times, but I never swirl for I fear it would be too much... you can still layer color on but not the opposite.

    as for the application itself: look into the mirror, make a big smile so that you can see the apple of your cheek and dab brush on there, then lightly blend with the brush outwards.