how to apply Tarte cheekstains?

  1. I just bought Natural Beauty and the mini cheek stain set including: True Love, Tipsy, and Glitzed by Tarte from Sephora. I am having troubles applying the product...especially the Natural Beauty one. Does anyone else own these? and how do you use them? I tried directly applying them and there is always too much product, using my fingers has helped...any suggestions?
  2. i spread it on directly and then blend with my fingers. i have tipsy. it seems like a lot when you put it on but it blends easy.
  3. I have one in Flush. I just dab it directly on the apple of my cheek and blend blend blend with my fingers.
  4. I put some on my fingers and then press them to the apple of my cheeks repeatedly after putting on liquid foundation. Don't smear or rub, dab.
  5. I just dab some on my face and gently smear it around as evenly as possible.
  6. I dab lightly on my cheeks and blend with my fingers. A little goes a very long way. I use it as lip color too.
  7. Same here