How to Apply Shining Monkey?

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  1. Hi Girls-

    Questions re: the use of Shining Monkey.

    1) Do you apply it to just the handles or whole bag?
    2) Will it look dark when you first apply it and then dry back to the original color?
    3) Do you reapply after a few months?
    4) Should you condition the handles with leather conditioner before or after or not at all?

  2. Hi - I apply to all leather on the bag - if it gets on the canvas, not to worry, it wipes off. It does look darker at first and then lightens up. You can reapply every few months. I have conditioned the handles with the Apple Garde first and then sprayed the SM - works just great!!
  3. ^^^ I do the same as loriw except that I use the Apple Garde spray. Make sure you use a sweeping motion in a well-ventilated area (like outside) and do not concentrate on one spot too long. Keep the spray can well-away from the bag - that is, not too close. :yes:
  4. Jello, thanks for asking this. My Shining Monkey is on its way and I was wondering what to do when it arrives.
  5. i apply shining monkey to the entire bag including the canvas. i find that it leaves it nice and new looking!
  6. Good luck! :flowers:
  7. I just got a new Chloe Silverado hobo. I took it outside and sprayed it twice with SM. I swear - 2 minutes later I spilled water on it - I almost had a heart attack. I let the bag dry marks!! :yes:
  8. where does one get SM from, its it at Auto Zone, or online?
  9. I ordered it through, and it's fabulous stuff. I sprayed it on my Babylone, drenched some areas in fact, and it all dried within 10 seconds.