How to apply liquid foundation?


Sylvie Guillem fan
May 10, 2006
Hi, Ladies

The liquid foundation I use is great. It matches my skin tone, covers winter ruddiness, and dries to an airbrush finish.

But it dries super fast! The only way I can put it on is to put some in my palm, add a bit of water to delay drying, and then smooth over my face and neck super fast.

I don't like that my fingers pull the skin around my eyes and lips.

The foundation is Maybelline Wonder Finish.
(Thanks to the gal who posted on tPF that she loved it.)

It dries so fast a brush won't work.

Any tips?

TIA! :heart: :heart::heart:
Sep 30, 2008
Boulder, Colorado
I mix my foundation with a little face lotion..its moisturizing and will help it go on better. and for what to use to put it have to say try the brush again, im not sure what else you would use becuse ik sponges are not good, they eat all your makeup lol


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Dec 14, 2008
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have you tried applying it using a damp cosmetic wedge? it'll probably make it stretch further as well, and that's also the way the aestheticians at the fancy-schmancy salon i used to go to do it.

try buying a pack of wedges and running one under water, then squeezing the excess out. damp, not soggy. then dip it in a little foundation and see how it applies. and then, naturally, post here and let us know!