how to apply eye makeup for small eyes?

  1. hi guys!

    Obviously as can be seen through some of my other comments, I concentrate quite a bit of make up effort on my eyes. This is because I was blessed with small, almond shaped (although I still have that little crease in the eyelid), eyes.

    My question today is:
    How do wear your eyemakeup in this situation? I can't really wear much eyeshadow since the fold is not big enough, and my eyes are deep set enough.

    Too much or too dark an eyeliner and I look like a tart. Nothing and I look like i'm 12.:shocked:

    Currently, I just use Chanel's eyeliner in evergreen on the bottom and the top and smudge it at the top a little so it slightly looks like eyeshadow/eyeliner. Apart from that and a bit of mascara, that's all I feel I can every wear.

    Any other creative ideas/?:shame:
  2. how about apply liquid eye liner very thinly on ur upper eyelids make it sharp at the ends, you can try glitter eye liner as well. for big eye effect: use doll lash masacra, curl and brush it thick so it would expand to the left and right as much as you can.

    use bright color eyeliner like the one you have is also very nice effect for small eyes. good luck!!!
  3. my eyes are little and deep set too, but different shaped. i try to stay away from dark dark shadows. sometimes at night i do the "smokey look" with pinks, light to medium browns, purples, creams etc.

    my every day eye make up is a light matte cream colored eye base from laura mercier called linen all over my lid, then a shimmery whitish highlighter on my brow bone. i use wet n wild twist up blush in 721 but it's discontinued...nars copacabana will be my replacement when i run out but it's like 20x more expensive. boo.

    i avoid eyeliner. if i curl my lashes and get black mascara all the way to the base of the lashes, that's enough definition for me. :smile:
  4. I like clinique daily eye canvas -- it brightens up the eyelids a bit. I also wish that I had bigger eyes -- without liner, mine seem too small for my face. So I always do a dark brown liquid liner (vaious brands, usually just something from Revlon) and lancome mascarra plus their base. I've found that the base really helps my lashes look thicker.
  5. I'm not sure if you're asian because those features u described are common asian eye features. and yes, i'm asian as well. i'm also 'blessed' with almond eyes, small fold, and no deep set eyes. i bought a book called Makeup for asian women by Jacelyn Tay. It's all about applying makeup for asian women. I suggest that you do not apply too much or just do not apply any liner to the bottom of your eyes. According to the book, it says " if you apple eye liner on your lower lashline, your eyes will look smaller. take care not to draw the lower lashline too think and black, because this can make you look fierce". I also suggest using an eyelash curler, then coating it with mascara. Here are some pics from the book that might help u. I think u're the first one.

    Sorry for the quality of the pics. I just used my camera phone.





  6. sadhunni, The book looks helpful! do you use it a lot???
  7. i think it's very helpful, especially for asians since our facial features are different than europeans. i can never get enough of this book. i read it over once and i keep on looking back on it like everyweek for tips on applying makeup. i recommend it for all asians.
  8. Thanks for posting the pics from your book, sadhunni! I'll have to check that out at the bookstore.
  9. no problem. i didn't get it at the bookstore though. the only place i know that sells this book is
  10. I have small, almond shaped asian eyes and this is what I do. First, I sweep a white pearl shadow over my entire lid up to my brows. Then, I put light color shadow over that, usually lilac. Then a darker complimentary color close to the eye on the outer corners. Finally, I apply black eyeliner on both my upper and lower lashline. Some people say lining the entire eye closes it up, but I disagree. It makes my eyes pop and appear larger. Oh yes, and mascara is a must!
  11. We have a very similar makeup routine :flowers: I bolded the ones I usually do. I hate lining my lower lashline since it always ends up a mess!!
  12. i have small eyes, too, and i would recommend doing one neutral color eyeshadow, like a medium brown or a plum and extending it around your eye and applying just a little bit of shadow on the bottom outer area of your eye, too. i use a kohl liner on top (MAC cream liner or fluidline or regular pencil liner) and smudge it so it blends in with the eyeshadow. i also wear false lashes (natural looking ones), i cut the lashes in half so that it only covers 1/2 of my eye area and put it on the outer corner only. it makes it look more natural. then i just add mascara to both my natural lashes and false ones so they blend in together and i curl them.
  13. the book has interesting tips, most of the time i always use blue or plum mascara, brightens my eyes most of the time.
  14. i'm thinking of getting false lashes and i've read somewhere that you're not supposed to put mascara on or curl them. you haven't had my problems with this?
  15. hey guys! thanks for so much replies!

    hm.. i've also been experimenting with a white eyeliner on the inside corners of my eyes.. apparently rachel bilson does that also...

    I've had people say they don't like it, and some say that they love it. Do any of you guys do it?