How to? And which scarf/bandeau to use on Epi Mandarin Petit Noe?

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  1. I've tried searching through the Noe threads and Clubhouse, but couldn't find any advice or pics on how to use a scarf instead of the leather tie that comes on the Epi Petit Noe. Duh, I mean of course, I can figure out that I just pull out the tie that's on there now and thread something else through the grommets, but I'm wondering... does it ruin the scarf in any way? If so, I don't want to use an LV. I'll pick up something else at TJMAXX!

    But, if it doesn't harm the scarf or bandeau, then does anyone have any suggestions as to what would look totally HOT on a Mandarin?

    Also, anyone with pics of a scarf-laced Petit Noe (any color)? I'd love to see!:yes: TIA.
  2. I don't know about damaging the scarf but black MC would look hot on mandarin!


    oooo colourful travel would also look hot black or white
  3. I MC!
  4. Black on mandarin is too Halloween for me. When mandarin was first introduced, LV did a scarf in the exact color. I'm too lazy to take a pic of it, but I bought it and the color is identical. Some of the Hermes oranges are close to the color. If you're afraid you might ruin a scarf, start with a less expensive one.
  5. that would look so great! be careful though, i think after a while the metal holes might rub off a bit as the metal tarnishes...but since it's black mc, it prb won't be too noticeable.
  6. What about an Hermes twilly or even Coach? Coach made a signature stripe ponytail scarf with an orange shade in it.
  7. You're sure a COACH scarf on an LV wouldn't look silly? I have some stashed somewhere in my closet... not sure if the colors would work or not.:shrugs:Hmmm...
  8. I think the brown or black denim bandeau would look amazing. The website has it but I couldnt save the's the eluxury link but the pic is of the blue (which may look good too against mandarin)