How to add SUBTLE highlights at home?

  1. Hi, Ladies

    I am now a redhead. I have XFiles-Scully red hair. Mostly I love it. But it looks a bit flat.

    I need some variety in the shade to avoid the Bozo Look.

    I have never added highlights/lowlights.

    Would you lovely rPFrs give me some tips?

    Thanks lots!
  2. I would advise going to a professional, especially if you want to avoid being left with orange hair. I am assuming that your hair color is natural and therefore due to the large amount of pheomelanin in your hair (These are the red/orange pigments) anything you put on your hair is going to bring up additional warmth. So a tint is virtually out of the question.
    You will have to use a decolorizer which is not a problem however, the problem lies in the eyes! You have to know what you're looking at because if you remove it even a moment too soon you'll be left smack in the middle of what you don't want....BoZo.

    If your haircolor is not natural but you've previously colored it, you have ZERO choice but to have it highlighted with decolorizer as a tint will not remove a tint. Then you also have the color lock to deal with and it would need a toner. So again, I would recommend a professional.
  3. You can do it at home--there are kits for highlights for brunettes which work just fine on red hair. The most important thing to remember is, LESS IS MORE!!! You do NOT want to highlight more than 30% of your hair. Also don't buy highlights for blonde hair, it will look weird on your red (speaking from experience here!!) I would start out doing just a very few highlights and see how that looks, you can always add more later. And avoid the skunk stripe look---just put the highlighter on a few strands at a time. You will think you need to do more but you DON'T, trust me! Have fun!!
  4. Thanks for the tips, Ladies!
  5. Don't do that at home. Go have that done at a hair salon. Using anything with bleach (which you'll have to use to highlight), can run the risk of overlapping and causing your hair to fall out or just making a terrible mistake.
    You'll appreciate how much better a stylist can do this. :jammin:
  6. I second madamefifi - you can do it at home. I would do it just like she said but something she didn't say is to use one of the caps that you pull strands of hair through. I think this is the most important part of the whole process. Don't try to use the wand they give you to do strands and them try to keep it off of the rest of your hair - it won't work very well. The cap just makes it a breeze. However you decide to go - best of luck!