how to add Q&A to a listing?

  1. Hi,

    I want to post a question i received about an item i'm selling as well as my answer. How do i do that?

  2. When you reply to the question through your "Selling" section, there's an option on the bottom of the message that says you can post it on your auction. It will post both the question and your answer. I don't remember exactly what it says, but there is an option! Hope that helps!
  3. Ah, I found it! Here's the instructions from eBay:

    Go to My eBay, and under Items I’m Selling, under # of Questions, click the number displayed.

    Displaying Questions and Answers

    If you are asked a question that you think a number of buyers might be wondering about, you can display the answer on your View Item Page and Ask Seller a Question page, in addition to the email response.

    When you respond to the question, select the check box that says, “Post this question and response on my listing so all buyers can see it. Once posted, it can't be edited.” The 5 most recently added questions and responses will be displayed to the public on the View Item page. Your response is also be emailed directly to the buyer.

    Note: Once the question and response are posted publicly, you cannot edit or remove them from the item page.

    You can display up to 100 public questions and answers on your item page. (Exception: If your listing has a bid and ends within 12 hours, you can't add anymore public questions and answers to your item.)
  4. thank you!! It seems that the option needs to be checked before you respond so it shows up on the listing.. i had already answered, so I can't do it..

    thank you!!
  5. Just answer again.