How to add a middle name

  1. So all of my life, (I'm 21 now), I have had issues upon issues with people calling me by the wrong name. My name is Carol Ann (two words, 1 name, first name). People call me Carol and it pisses me off-its not my name. I understand that the capitalized letter of A in Ann makes it seem like Ann is my middle name but its not-according to my birth certificate, I have no middle name. So my mother and I would like to add a middle name but we have NO clue on how to do this, who to contact, etc..

    Does anyone have any insight on this ?
  2. I think Social Security.
  3. I am not sure if you can *add* a middle name; I think that you may be able only to change an existing middle name. My parents didn't give me a middle name, and I had checked this out a few years ago and this is what a lawyer told me.

    I do know that changing your name AT ALL involved an enormous amount of time, energy, money, and paperwork, so you should consider that as well. Good luck!
  4. My whole family was able to add middle names. I believe we did it through the county courts.
  5. I've done it with the help of a lawyer. You have to go through the court to add/change a name
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    Hi Carol Ann. I believe you can do it through the county clerks office.
  7. I wonder if it would be more obvious, if you would change your first name to "Carol-Ann" instead of "Carol Ann"...

    I have 2 middle names and believe me, it causes sooo much confusion! That's what makes me think adding a middle name won't really help you much. (BTW I solved the problem by combining my middle names.)
  8. or maybe remove the space? CarolAnn? or is that just silly
  9. ^ I don't think it's silly!! There is a lady at my church who's name is RussellAnn.