How to acquire a Birkin

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  1. Dear friends:

    I am interested in acquiring a Birkin (brand new).

    I have come to learn that first you must put your name on a three year wait list, etc.

    I don't know too much about it, as I am mostly a Louis Vuitton girl. I am accustomed to walking into an LV boutique and getting what I want right then and there.

    But since discovering this site, I think I just might need a Birkin bag!;)

    My questions for the experts are:

    What are the exact steps?

    IS there indeed a list?

    (I see many members with new bags all the time, but can't understand how that happens when there is a waitlist)
  2. Most stores will tell you that the wait list is 'closed'. It's a matter of establishing a ood working relationship with an SA. Be charming and don't mention birkins at first at all. Buy some smaller items. Once you have established a good relationship with an SA, he/she will get goodies from the back of the store to show you and will also take orders for 'special' items you may want. Having said this, you could be lucky and spot a birkin on the shop floor, in which case, if you like it, grab it!
  3. I don't have any experience at all, but wanted to chime in to say from what I've seen, the Hermes color marron fonce (deep brown burgundy) pairs soooo beautifully with the LV colors.
  4. The waitlist is closed but in my experience, go to the smallest/ quietest boutique near you (less popular so more helpful), and you are quite likely to get one if you ask to get called if the store has any cancellations. Amazingly I got both a Kelly (in 2005) and a Birkin (this month) this way within 2 weeks of request. People obviously do change their minds about orders and it's no skin off their nose to call you if they think they will make a sale. I have to be honest I didn't bother buttering up the SA too much, but you might have to in a bigger Hermes boutique where you're competing with a lot of other potential customers.