How to achieve that "glowing" skin?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just want some opinions and or ideas of products that realy give your face a "dewey" or "glowing" look? Since turning 40, I notice that my face gets really dry and by the time I put my foundation on (Prescriptives), my face starts to lose it's glow. :cursing: I have sensitive skin, but I'm thinking I maybe need a slightly more hydrating moisturizer to put under my foundation? Any thoughts or suggestions?

  2. I'm not 40, but I have superrrr dry skin. I take 2 flax seed pills every morning. You won't believe the difference taking these pills makes, it makes my skin feel so incredibly soft. I also, use Oprah's recommended face lotion- Hope by Philosophy, but since I have very dry skin- I use Hope- when Hope is not enough, and MAC makes a great foundation that makes your skin glow- I think its called Hyper Real.
  3. I've heard that micro-dermabrasion works well.
  4. Before you go to bed, put a really thin layer of vaseline all over your face. It will give you a nice glow without clogging your pores.
  5. fashion4forward- can Hope be used on combination/oily skin?
  6. Make sure and exfoliate every other day, even if you're skin is dry, just use something gentle.
    IMO, a foundation gives too much coverage, can you switch to a tinted moisturizer?

    Anyone can take flax seed, I take it as well but have never noticed any real benefits.
  7. I know it sounds backwards/drying, but exfoliating can help get rid of all the dead and dry layers that are preventing the moisturizer to sink in.

    My mom has very dry skin, she easily gets fine lines and uses heavy duty clinique moisterizers. She gets microdermabrasions and they help with the fine line, and her skin is much softer.

  8. I think Hope in a jar is avail for all skin types. I've used it before, along with the purity cleanser and the microdelivery peel kit. I have an oily skin which is prone to breakouts, but the Hope moisturizer is very light, it wont burden your oily skin at all imo.

    I like philosophy's products, but the hot and humid climate that I live in doesnt help and I need something stronger. So, I ditched them and went to a dermatologist instead.
  9. I agree with the exfoliating bit. I do regular peelings and facials done professionally at my dermatologist and I have to say that they help a lot to make my skin stays in super condition.

  10. Vaseline is like heaven for dry skin. I always use it around my eye area too with some vitamin E added in.
  11. exfoliate 2x a week.
    nars brightening serum
    you sound perfect for bobbi brown balm, it gives you that dewy gorgeous look, especially great in the winter, but you sound like you could pull it off all season.
    top with a nice high lighter over cheek bones and under brows, like nars albatross or shimmerbrick.
  12. MAC hyperreal foundation is awesome for this. I just discovered it about a month ago. It gives me that look without looking like an oil slick!
  13. I agree with every other day exfoliation. It helps to uncover the new healthy cells. After exfoliation and moisturizing, Chanel's Vitalumere (sp?) foundation helps to give a nice pretty natural glow awell.
  14. Thanks for all the ideas ladies!! I will try a gentle exfoliator and I've also heard good things about Hope in a Jar. I think I am also going to start investing in a facial here and there. Great ideas everyone!!

  15. Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer definitely gives a great glow, I would still wear moisturizer underneath also though.