How to accept an offer when the auction has ended?

  1. I'm sure this has been asked over again, but the search button wouldn't play nice..

    My auction ended yesterday with no bids and now I have an offer from a buyer..just wonder how I do this, do I list it with a BIN, which she then has to respond to? Does this take up to a day to list (like last time)?, or is there some other way around this?, there is no way I'm trading outside eBay...

  2. I'd list it as BIN or BO again and just tell your potential buyer to submit their offer and that you will accept it. This just covers you in case for some reason they wind up not going through with their offer.
  3. Ok skigirl, thanks!
  4. even if it isn't showing up on a search you can send her the item number and she'll be able to view it, rather than have to wait up to 24 hours for it to show, you could title it "for xxxxx only " or something too
  5. ^^^