how tiny is this?

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  1. it says 6x4x3 tiny!

    Do you like tiny bags? If not I would suggest adding 200 bux and getting atleast the speedy 25. Or if this is a cosmetic bag etc. it is the perfect size...IMO of course.
  2. I'm pretty sure there's a club for this, there is some pics.. ;)
  3. Here's some pics I found on here for you I think the Damier speedy in the pic is a speedy 25 for reference

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  4. Too little really. If you like little for going out get a Cancun .
  5. My MC mini sac was my very first LV from DH. :heart: But I do have to agree that it is a very tiny bag. Can't hold much...but very cute!
  6. Too tiny for an adult.
  7. from the measurements it looks like it is barely bigger than the cles.

    -mini sac
    Zip top
    6"x 4"x 3"
    Please note measurements: This bag is very petite!

    Zipper closure
    Attached key clasp
    Links to the D-ring found in most Louis Vuitton pieces
    4.5"x 2.5"

    Monogram canvas
    Grained leather lining
    Snapped coin purse with gusseted sides
    Three card slots with a snapped closure
    3"x 4"
  8. yeah but not really good comparison pics. :shrugs:i checked that club before i made a thread.
  9. how much is the cancun?
  10. thanks! you're a lifesaver!! :biggrin:
  11. Definately small! My 11 year old niece has one, it's perfect for her......maybe would be ok for a night out when you only need cell, license and lipstick, but pochette would be good for that too!