How tight are your jeans?

  1. I know this is a weird question, but I just my new Muse jeans size 28 and they fit and look fine but when I move around they slowly creep down. I'm afraid if I get a size smaller, it might make look bad, being I'm not skinny. Do you think they'll stretch out more in the waist and eventually will be too big? I ordered them online so it's a pain to return them.
  2. Did you wash and dry them yet? They normally shrink after being dried for a long time.
  3. No, they just came in the mail. I heard if you dry jeans in the dryer, you lose the stretch.
  4. If they are loose now before wearing them for a while they will only get worse, denim grows when you wear it. Sounds like you need a smaller pair
  5. my jeans were so tight that I busted out of them at work lol. i think i have to post pics
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. Personally I would rather them be a touch tight. That way I know by the middle of the afternoon they won't be hanging halfway down my booty!
  8. They will only get looser. Get the next size down.
  9. Me too! I have so many pairs of jeans with the whole saggy butt thing going on.
  10. I don't like my jeans tight, but I don't like them saggy either. It's hard for me to find ones I'm really happy with. The ones I had on today kept sagging down my butt and it was driving me NUTS :push:

    It sounds like you should size down though. If they're already saggy, they're only going to get worse!
  11. Ok, I'm sending them back for a smaller size, I can tell they're going to annoy me.
  12. This is so totally weird as I was about to post a similar thread. I have to confess that once I fully adopted the whole skinny jeans thing, I started opting for a tighter and skinnier fit.

    I like them to be like skin, but I have two simple rules: I have to be able to pull them on over my calves and over my rear; and I have to be able to button them. Some jeans are so skinny that I can't get them past my calves and I don't have large calves. Provided I can them buttoned, I am good to go.
  13. haha i wear my jeans a bit tight, except my true religions, theyre always loose.

    I have a pair of skinny jeans that used to be so tight I could barely bend my knees, but dammmmed they look nice ;]
  14. I am a firm believer in buying jeans a hair too tight when you first try them on, because they will stretch out while you wear them and then fit perfectly. Then again, when I'm "breaking in" my jeans my bf always laughs at me because I'm all stiff and have to strain to do things like walk up stairs!
  15. I buy my jeans too tight as well. They usually stretch out! I've had pairs stretch out while I was trying them on in the store!